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Collection Law Attorney in Troy, Michigan

The firm represents banks, credit unions, businesses, individuals, and lenders in the collection of both commercial and consumer debts and receivables. From pre-litigation demand efforts through post-judgment collection, the firm aggressively, methodically, and ethically attempts to recover from the debtor, keeping in mind all applicable laws and regulations.

The firm works with its clients to review all available options for recovery and keeps the client informed throughout the process. While it is never a good idea to “throw good money after bad,” with the firm's creative fee solutions and informational resources, it is often possible to collect on debts that seem hopeless. The collection of unpaid debt is rarely a pleasant subject, but in some instances, it becomes necessary and the best course of action is to retain an experienced, competent, and ethical law firm.

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The firm is often tasked with difficult or challenging post-judgment collection cases where other lawyers or law firms have told their clients the judgment is uncollectible. The firm has had success turning these “worthless” judgments into dollars for its clients by effectively utilizing its knowledge and experience of the finer details of the Michigan Court Rules and collection statutes to its clients' advantage. We have great relationships with Court Officers throughout the State and effectively utilize them to carry out property seizure orders and other tasks when appropriate.

We also welcome judgments from other lawyers who simply do not have the expertise, nor the time or desire to get up to speed, on Michigan's post-judgment collection laws. We understand that you are busy practicing in your niche area of the law, this is our niche, so contact us with the judgment you obtained for yourself or your client, and we can discuss your options.