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Title Litigation and Foreclosure
Attorney in Troy, Michigan

Trying to go through the process of title litigation or foreclosure can be an overwhelming task. Luckily, you don't have to do it alone, and you deserve the best. My firm has pursued and defended a number of quiet title and curative title cases on behalf of banks, lenders, and title companies. Ranging from an unrecorded deed or mortgage document to defending a seller in a case regarding an incorrect legal description, the firm handles all types of real estate litigation. Further, the firm has experience in pursuing foreclosures by advertisement and judicial foreclosures against both individuals and commercial entities.

Reasons a Title Ends Up in Dispute

There are many reasons that a title can end up in a dispute. I work diligently with my clients in helping them overcome this, even when it's a quiet title dispute. Some of the reasons include:

  • Public Record Error

  • Easement Issue

  • Boundary Dispute

  • Unknown Liens

  • Unknown Heirs

  • Illegal Deed

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Facing foreclosure can leave you with many questions, and an experienced title foreclosure attorney can help you understand the process. At the Kavanaugh Law Firm, I am prepared and ready to support you through the process, including litigation, possible bankruptcy, and more.

The reasons for foreclosure are many, including a failure to make payments or failure to pay property taxes or property insurance. Whatever the reason, you still have legal rights. Wrongful foreclosure, a short sale, filing for bankruptcy, or setting a deed in lieu of foreclosure are all options to help you overcome it. Reach out to understand your rights today.

Title Dispute Attorney Serving Troy, Michigan

My firm has the experience, passion, and care for my clients that you need. I provide counsel to individuals, businesses, companies, and more. If you're in the communities of Troy, Detroit, Wayne County, and Macomb County, Michigan, or throughout Illinois, reach out to me today and schedule your consultation.